Friday, August 14, 2009


OK, I have to update my blog so bad... I am so out of order... LOL... I have so much to tell and things to share from even before Bella had her ER incident. But I have to talk about what just happened... So my precious Monster Bella(22 months), she loves to sit on her toilet which is just an attachment onto our toilet; well she usually flushes the whole TP roll down the toilet but I have become wise to her and put it high up where she can't reach it. So earlier today she sits on the "potty" and again NOTHING... but this next time she was standing next to us eating her pizza NAKED... so cute... her little buns!!! I love lil buns and toes!!! Anyways... she became silent and still... well we know what that means. "Bella, do you have to go poo poo?" we say... "POO POO" she says while holding her bottom. So off to the "potty" we go... couple of minutes later she comes running out... "POO POO"... to our surprise Poo Poo was actually in the potty!!! Whoooo Hoooooo... Bella went poo!
These pics were taken a while ago when all she did was sit on the potty and as you can see pull on the TP off the roll...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hopefully it's our last time in the ER..

Well it's official; Bella made her first trip to the ER. I have never been so scared in my life... well I guess just as scared as I was when Bella decided to run across the street during Mia's T-Ball practice and I couldn't find her. This girl is going to kill me... I can already tell. I feel so guilty and at fault, I know I can't be in all the places all the time but I now know I can't take my eyes off of her for a second! She is a dare devil and has no fear!
I had just changed her diaper on the bed and turned around to go brush my teeth when all of a sudden I hear this big bang; Bella had climbed over the foot board and crashed to the floor. When I turned around she was on her back and when I picked her up her eyes were rolling in the back of her head. I immediately yelled for my cousin Jason who was over to call 911, Bella was completely out of it and her eyes kept rolling in the back of her head. The ambulance arrived in about 2 minutes and began to check on her; the poor thing was just laying there wondering what was going on. They put her on a little stretcher and a spinal board and completely strapped down; she didn't even cry this whole time until they put an IV in her on our way to the ER.
Once we got to the ER she began to be her normal routy self; talking, laughing, trying to pull all the wires and IV out and not sitting still. The doctors didn't want to do a cat scan because she was not showing any signs of brain neck or spin injury... THANK GOD! We are back at home and she is CRAZY... has not taken a nap yet, playing, climbing and singing! I am praying we don't have to take her back to the ER tonight. She is back to yelling at Mia and saying "NO MIA". What a scare we experienced today!