Friday, August 14, 2009


OK, I have to update my blog so bad... I am so out of order... LOL... I have so much to tell and things to share from even before Bella had her ER incident. But I have to talk about what just happened... So my precious Monster Bella(22 months), she loves to sit on her toilet which is just an attachment onto our toilet; well she usually flushes the whole TP roll down the toilet but I have become wise to her and put it high up where she can't reach it. So earlier today she sits on the "potty" and again NOTHING... but this next time she was standing next to us eating her pizza NAKED... so cute... her little buns!!! I love lil buns and toes!!! Anyways... she became silent and still... well we know what that means. "Bella, do you have to go poo poo?" we say... "POO POO" she says while holding her bottom. So off to the "potty" we go... couple of minutes later she comes running out... "POO POO"... to our surprise Poo Poo was actually in the potty!!! Whoooo Hoooooo... Bella went poo!
These pics were taken a while ago when all she did was sit on the potty and as you can see pull on the TP off the roll...

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