Wednesday, March 30, 2011

50 kisses, 50 goodnights, 50 go to beds...

I miss this age... where they can't get out! Seems every night we are constantly telling this girl to go to bed, constantly giving "1 more kiss"... but what melts my heart the most is the 50th time of Bella coming out of her room and Anthony and I yelling "WHAT NOW!?... GO TO BED!" She just looks at us and says in her soft little tired voice "I love you mommy" "I love you daddy"... awwwww...Love you too Bella "Now get to BED". Seriously we start bed time at 8pm and they are both still awake past 930. There is a new excuse each time... "more water", "have to go potty", "I want a kiss", "what are you watching"... the list can go on and on and on. Come on girls... mama needs her quiet time! I do thank my lucky stars I have 2 beautiful healthy girls!

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm backkkkk... Fast forward.

Ok, well it's been a while huh!? Almost 2 years ago was when I wrote my last blog... whats been going on you ask? Well Anthony and I decided it was best to move back to Vero Beach, Fl where we were married (2002) and Mia was born (2004). I can't tell you how much I miss my parents and all my family and friends, it was a really tough decision but I do love it here and feel it was the right move for our little family. It's a much slower pace and absolutely beautiful!
picture of the beach close to our house. Soooo blue and pretty.

Once we got over the fustration of moving, we settled in pretty quickly. Mia was inviting her "new" friends over for a pool party on her first day in her new school and Bella just loved seeing new and different things. They miss their Nana and Papa soooo much... Thank goodness for Skype, we are able to video chat often.

I started running and have done 2 5k races, I am going to complete a few more of those and work my way through a 10k and hopefully a half marathon before the year is over. I did a 6 week boot camp and lost 15lbs of body fat, lost about 15lbs of over all weight and gained a few pounds of muscle. I went down 2 sizes and continue to work out and run. I have never felt so good and never really thought I would become a runner... I am trying though. I have also took on a few projects around the house and love shopping at antique and thrift shops.

Anthony is back to playing softball during the week and weekends and ejoys playing with his old childhood friends. He is very happy to be back in his home town.

Mia and Bella are your typical older sister/younger sister combo, they can be soooo loving for maybe a minute then it's back to the drama. Mia doesn't like it when Bella comes around her and her friends... ya know Bella has that "little" sister syndrome that Mia is afraid of getting. She is just way to cool to have her little sister around. Bella likes to copy Mia and I find it really funny when Mia gets annoyed with it... but it really is funny to hear the 3 year old say some of the things Mia does with attitude... Like she picked up on Mia say "blahhh blahhh blahhh" and "mom, just answer the kid will ya" LOL... ohhh the joys of having 2 girls. HELPPPPPPP!

Well that is where we are at now, I am sure I will think of more later and post more pics and thoughts of the move. I will now be keeping up with my blog (hopefully) so check back and stay tuned.