Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A mommy wake up call...

So Mia has decided she would like to start running with me and I couldn't be happier! So we go out and get her some new running shoes (thanks nana & papa) and signed her up for her first "kids" race (1mile) in 2 weeks. On the couple of races that I have done (5k's), I have had the support of my family; nothing is more exciting and rewarding then crossing that finish line with your family there encouraging you to finish and finish strong. This certain feeling just rushes through my body once I see that finish line and even more when I see Anthony, Mia and Bella. I just can't wait for Mia to experience it and feel the family support and encouragement when she crosses that finish line.

Yesterday Mia and I went for our first run together, first we did 1 mile and as we were there stretching I asked her how she felt. This is when the mommy wake up call comes in. It was sooooo HOT... sweat was dripping from both of our faces and she looks at me and says in a tired voice... "is it ok if I don't finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th?" and I respond quickly with "of course!" "did you think I would have gotten mad if you didn't?" at that moment Mia shakes her head yes and I felt ashamed... I mean my own kid thinks if she doesn't finish at the top I will get mad? How could I let this one happen... am I really that hard on her? Ohhhhh man... well I guess I am when it comes to softball... naturally LOL. I immediately assured her that just being out there and crossing the finish line is a proud moment for me. TOTAL mommy wake up call... I want my girls to be afraid of me if they lie, or sneak or when they become teenagers... but certainly not when it comes to achieving a sport or hobby or even academics.

I told her I only want her to give it her best! I now ask my self, how do I reassure her I am always proud of her? I do try tell her all the time all I want is for her to give it her all, no matter what she is doing. Am I a bad mom? I know there are always going to be moments that come up that I will second guess my parenting decissions but this one hit hard and I must find a way for her to know that I am super proud of her no matter what! At the end she smiled and wanted to do one more lap together to finish out 1 1/2 miles for her first run, she said she enjoyed it! The whole time running I just kept telling her I was so proud of her for trying and we had fun racing to the end of the lap... she beat me that little bugger!

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