Monday, April 25, 2011

My little runner!

Mia ran her first race this Easter weekend (4.23.11), a Kids 1 mile bunny hop. I am such a proud mama, I have to say I got quite emotional when she took off and then again once I saw her coming in to finish. On our practice runs the weeks prior, our mile pace was about 9-10 minutes Mia did her race in 8:16. Pretty damn good! and she said she stopped 2 times to walk.

Mia had so much support of family and friends, we made her a sign and had thunder sticks; it's probably safe to say she had the biggest and loudest entourage there. My besties daughter who is a few years older then Mia also ran and stayed with Mia the whole time, she wanted to finish together. It was so sweet.

I just hope she knows how proud I am of her!

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