Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Beautiful Moment...

I have to share the most beautiful moment I had this morning.

Feeling good on my run, jamm'n to the Beastie Boys on my iTouch and thinking how nice it was out... the stars are still shinning bright, the air was still cool and my breathing and stride feels great. I finally came to the "Sea Burger" and the boardwalk, a safe meeting place we usually meet at or make it apart of our route... ya know for all us "Runners" to meet, since it's still dark out and we all have our different paces.

We look out to the ocean and I see the most beautiful horizon... I can't explain it. At this point I am not happy that I didn't run with my phone so I can try to capture the moment; I just take it in mentally. The water crashing, the refreshing smell and the beautiful purple color that was beaming as far as the eye can see. I said to the other runner, "quick, lets get back to our cars to see the sun rise" which were parked at another beach about a 3 more miles down.

Hurrying back, still feeling amazing with my pace and stride all I could think about is getting back to what I hope is going to be a gorgeous sunrise. I think I had my best run today as I got to my truck to grab my phone to hurry up on the sand. I get closer to the water and as you see in the pictures below... it was just beautiful (well the pics don't do it justice)... I sat there by myself for about 15 minutes waiting for this sun to come up. It was sooooo PEACEFUL... standing there all I could think about is how lucky I was to have a good, healthy and fast run and to make it back in time to witness this beautiful moment. I swear a rush, a charge... energy just shot through my body... I definitely had a moment. There wasn't a worry in the world at that time for me, all my stress I was feeling just an hour before were gone.

It made me think... I truly am so thankful for everything and everyone in my life... no matter how hard we have it we are reminded that things could be and some have it worse.

LOL ... I mentioned before "us Runners"... well I like to think I am becoming a "Runner" :)

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